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Вы хотите научиться все успевать, радоваться жизни, понимать, к какой гавани вы на самом деле стремитесь, стать спокойнее, увереннее в себе и заметно оптимистичнее?

Тогда заходите на сайт PERSONAL BUDDY, где вы можете получить детальную информацию о проекте, процессе работы, о том, как это отличается от коучинга, как я к этому пришла и что вас ждет в результате. На сайте также есть контактная форма – свяжитесь со мной и давайте лететь ввысь вместе!

Буду вас ждать!

Ваш personal buddy: мудрый друг в аренду

Personal buddy: wise friend for rent is a completely ground-breaking service on the cross-roads between life coaching, mediation and strategy. The full-fledged  website with all the descriptions is currently available in Russian language only, yet I made a rough landing page, which will be enhanced shortly. Check it out here – Personal buddy: wise friend for rent. Should you be interested and have some questions, don’t hesitate – just drop me a line and I would be delighted to provide you all the information you might need.

Personal buddy will be of an interest to you:

– if you are struggling with your internal roles: mother, professional, woman, friend etc., you are searching to balance them and need a starting point or a gentle push;
– if you think you know what you want in life, but need to bounce off some ideas with someone who understands;
– if you search for self-coaching methods and are in need of orientation because otherwise you are drowning in information;
– if you need a “listening ear” that can ask some critical questions for your further self-reflection…

all that and much more is what personal buddy is all about.

So once again – the rough landing page is – Personal buddy: wise friend for rent and for more detailed information in English don’t hesitate to contact me:


Self-development, reaching goals and lifestyle balance through the prism of parenthood and immigration

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