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The list of my articles on LinkedIn Pulse:

Sustainable contracts: utopia or a working system? — and related to that also my video on the same topic – on YouTube –>

How to protect the results of your creative efforts?

Five common mistakes when making a list of goods and services for a trademark

Certification marks

How to protect your app?

How up-to-date is your trademark?

Trade Secrets

IP Audit

Parallel lines never intersect, or do they?

Artists’ Resale Rights 101

Can I freely use the picture I found online?

Where is the line not to be crossed?

Protecting Artist’s Legacy

There is always another point of view

How well do you actually know yourself?

Into the eye of storm

How to stop reciting the wrong story and get your life back on track

Are you solving the right problem?

Mediating on a new level: Solving inner conflicts of roles by applying principles of mediation

The ultimate best method to set your goals

Beauty of mediation: in a conflict and beyond

Busy-boasting or Why I am no longer busy

The biggest problem with goals and what can you do about it

Corrosion: your chance to improve before it is too late

Not SWOT: what’s wrong with this popular tool and what are the alternatives

What’s the purpose of a goal?

Three questions to master time and be able to do it all

Mentor: who is it actually and how do you get one?

Sharing your “precious” unsolicited opinion: what’s your goal?

The select “wisdom” from T.Gallwey’s “The Inner Game of Tennis”

The elusive “on” button: how to find your motivation?

Insider trading and ethical dilemmas

Shady area of copyright: Appropriation artists

Copyright is for losers: graffiti as an IP outcast

What is it about golf that so many CEO’s play it?

Your Lautrec or Lautrec’s Lautrec?

Techniques to help you make a change

How to avoid burnout in the face of stress?

Are all available options listed?

Mediation and Art: Is it a match made in Heaven?

Why did I study UX design?

Brain fitness: it’s not only body that needs regular exercises

When do we learn to give up?

Four methods to deal with procrastination

Top 10 time wasters to avoid

Smart drugs: a way to go or a step too far?

A magic ingredient to success

It’s all about perception: To see the greener grass, pick the right filter

More to come – so stay tuned!

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