Compliments: how come we crave them yet fail to accept?

One of these days I praised somebody for the great work she had done. After receiving my compliment she said something like: “That’s actually not that big of a deal, and I am not the only one responsible for the end result, but… thanks“. However, actually it was a big deal and the end result was mainly thanks to her. It made me think about compliments and “properly” accepting them.

Those of you who are active on social networks or have blogs of their own, you crave likes, don’t you? You want as much people as possible to give you that “thumbs up” – a modern equivalent of “a good job!”. Moreover, if your activity did not receive the desired amount of likes you almost feel like something important is missing. Recognition. We all crave recognition. Nevertheless, if actual recognition beyond a simple “thumbs up” comes their way, it somehow makes a lot people try to … apologize. Continue reading Compliments: how come we crave them yet fail to accept?

Family living far away: keeping in touch despite the distance

The world is getting smaller and more interconnected every day. That’s just modern reality. We are mobile and we are on the move. Most of the times we are no longer “confined” to living in the same area, city, or even country as our ancestors. If I look at my classmates from school, for example, almost none of them stayed in my home-country. My ex-classmates are now everywhere from Europe to Canada and from Brazil to New Zealand. But what about their families? Well, as we are now in our 30s, most of my ex-classmates have families of their own. Yet, this is not what I mean… Their parents, their, so-to-say initial families, families they were born into – they in a lot of occasions are still in Latvia. And that raises quite some questions. The first and probably most obvious one is: how do you truly stay in touch?  Continue reading Family living far away: keeping in touch despite the distance

Habits: what if you want to kick them?

They say a habit is formed in 21 days. So if for 3 weeks you have been persistently and consistently doing something, you are stuck with that habit. Some habits are great to be “stuck with”, like for example the habit of drinking a glass of water in the morning or an exercise routine, or the daily learning of 5 new words in a foreign language. There are, however, also less positive habits: watching TV while eating, spending hours playing computer games, eating candies in the evening, you name it. Your life is a matter of your choice, of course, and it is totally up to you to put a plus or a minus sign in front of a particular habit (as long as you are in control and understand what you are doing). Moreover, your attitude can also change with time. Thus, a habit that you enjoyed or accepted yesterday, might be a burden today and then the question comes: how do I kick the unwanted habit?

In this post I will share some of my tips on kicking unwanted habits: both those of your own and of your kids. As always, if you have some other nice tips to add, please share them in the comment section below.

To begin with, what do we understand as a habit?  Continue reading Habits: what if you want to kick them?

Getting to know yourself: some worthy (yet free) online psychological tests

My first thorough acquaintance with psychology dates back to early 2000s, when we had a special in-depth course on psychology in the lyceum. Back then, while doing all these lengthy tests, I was annoyed and seriously wondering what would they bring me. They seemed to be so boring, complicated, yet the results, in my opinion, were so obvious. With time I learned to value these insights and work further with them. If they seem obvious – that’s great! That means that my self-awareness is at its high. Nevertheless, in many cases they bring interesting insights which I might have never reflected upon before. All that in its turn significantly contributes to further identifying values, wishes, goals and the best way further.

In this short article I would like to share with you couple of free online resources for psychological tests, which I believe are truly good to know, especially if you are interested in self-development and in self-awareness in general. Thus, let’s begin: Continue reading Getting to know yourself: some worthy (yet free) online psychological tests

“Smart drugs” to enhance performance: a way to go or a step too far?

We live in the world where productivity and efficiency are not just desired; they are expected. Furthermore, we seem to all be living the motto of the Olympic games: “Citius, Altius, Fortius”(“Faster, Higher, Stronger”). Yet how to meet these ever-growing expectations when our physical abilities are limited? We still require sleep; we cannot concentrate and perform non-stop for many hours in a row; we get sick from time to time. We are just humans after all. So… should we lower expectations or should we start using doping? Continue reading “Smart drugs” to enhance performance: a way to go or a step too far?

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