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My name is Maria. I am a mother of three little devils, a management consultant, IP and Art lawyer, patent and trademark attorney, mediator, MBA grad, business writer, speaker, Partner at Starks law firm, amateur golfer, barista, and winemaker-wannabe. This is my personal blog where you will find me write on topics that interest me at this particular moment.

At its origin, the blog was aimed at stay-at-home mothers and was written mainly from that perspective. However, it rapidly became more focused on lifestyle balance and on keeping it while juggling a busy household, tons of personal and work obligations, and chasing dreams. I write quite a lot on art and business-related topics as this is my area of interest (links to art-related articles are assembled here).

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I love connecting with other people, supporting and inspiring them! It is always stimulating to hear from someone living on the other side of the world (and I have readers in 150 countries to date!) that my thoughts resonated with him or her or that my tips were found useful.

If you would like to ask or share something or you have an idea of cooperation you can always drop me an e-mail at familylifeceo@gmail.com or connect with me via social networks – LinkedInFacebookInstagram or Twitter. I would really love to hear from you!


Self-development, reaching goals and lifestyle balance through the prism of parenthood and immigration

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