• everything a parent needs to know * (on lifestyle balance and efficient organizing a household and family life)
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      a collection of my 50 best posts, sorted in chapters and enhanced with additional insights.
    • the book is available for purchase on (clickable links):
  • it can be easy * (to make perfect cheesecake and sound like a starred chef when you talk about it)
    • a unique cheesecake cookbook which actually inspires 
      you to think outside the
      box and work your magic with what you have; it teaches you to make cheesecakes in all possible ways with various ingredients from classic to pretty insane.
    • the book is available for purchase on (clickable links):
  • Статьи, написанные на русском можно бесплатно скачать в формате книги на Sellfy и на iBooks.


Self-development, reaching goals and lifestyle balance through the prism of parenthood and immigration

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