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Should you wander off the beaten path?

If it is usually done to follow a certain path, is there any point to innovate? Why would you try to fix something that’s working? Should you pave a new road if the old one serves the purpose of getting you from point A to point B? 

On one hand, wouldn’t it be better to focus on problems which don’t have any solution yet rather than try to find a better solution where there is one already? This approach could be right. On the other hand, what if you do find a more efficient solution, a shorter path or an easier way, could it be that some unsolved problems will then solve themselves? Continue reading Should you wander off the beaten path?


How to boil a frog?

I believe almost everyone knows that story that if you put a frog in hot water, it will jump out, but if you put it in cold water and start slowly boiling it, eventually you will boil a frog. Subtle changes slight inconvenience, acceptable discomfort… and a frog is boiled dead. But even without going into fatalistic mode, small soft steps are efficient if you need to deal with any opposition.

Long time ago I had the “conflict” with my mother over a car. Continue reading How to boil a frog?

Providing actionable information

We are drowning in information. It comes to us from all possible sides. However, only a little fraction of it is useful and even smaller – truly actionable.

One of these days I was driving to Antwerp and saw a traffic information board, providing:

  • Antwerp-West: 17 minutes

Well, thank you very much, but what the hell am I supposed to make out of it?! Continue reading Providing actionable information

The elephant effect: the tenth one is not a dime less spectacular than the first one

In 2010 my future husband and myself were working on a project in South Africa. After the project was completed we seized the moment and travelled along the Garden Route from Cape Town to Port Elisabeth. Our final eastward destination was the Ado Elephant park – an amazing safari place, where one can see wildlife in all its beauty. As the name has it, there are a lot of elephants there.

I recall our first photo of an elephant Continue reading The elephant effect: the tenth one is not a dime less spectacular than the first one

If you die tomorrow, where’s your contingency plan?

In a lot of major corporations the CEO and the President of the Board of Directors are not allowed to travel together. The same applies to the President and the Vice President of a country.

But what about families?

This was the question we were discussing with my husband while driving home after dropping kids at their grandparents. Freeway; driving 130 kms (±80 miles) per hour; cars passing each other…

Continue reading If you die tomorrow, where’s your contingency plan?