Time for some life hacks

There are numerous life hacks out there for all the different occasions. Some of them come in truly handy and become my favorites. Today I would like to share with you those life hacks or tricks which I find the most practical and useful to know. If there is something interesting you use that I didn’t mention, please take a moment and share it in the comment section below. Would love to learn some more! Thus, here we go – tried and loved life hacks from my “top 10 list”:

  • I found this one great: when you are trying to cross out words that you do to want to be legible anymore, don’t just strike them through, but write some random letters over them instead.

  • If you put a piece of newspaper at the bottom of your garbage bag, it will absorb possible humidity like food juices or alike, and the garbage bag won’t disgustingly leak onto the bottom of the garbage bin.
  • If you have Nutella lovers in your family, there are two nice tricks how to “clean out the jar” crispy clean. Either add some ice-cream or add some warm milk and shake good. I personally prefer the second option. Generally speaking, I am not that into Nutella, but Nutella-milk is beyond delicious. No need to wait until the jar is finished of course! However, if it is finished, at least that works as an excuse.
  • For chilling white wine freeze some white grapes and add them to your glass.
  • By the way speaking about ice. Have you ever wondered how do you get a transparent ice-cube instead of these foggy ones? Well, try boiling your water first. If you boil the water you intend to freeze you will achieve the transparency sought after.
  • To continue the ice theme — if you are an ice-coffee fan, freeze some espresso in ice cubes. If you use regular ice cubes your ice-coffee will get watered, yet in this way the flavour will only get enhanced.
  • The trick I always use when boiling rice or pasta is that I put a wooden spoon over a pot. In that way the water doesn’t boil over.
  • If you add a teaspoon of baking soda to your boiling eggs, the shell will get off so much easier.
  • For small clothing items like panties or socks, use ice-cream boxes or pieces of cardboard to divide the drawer. When the drawer space is divided it becomes much easier to keep it tidy. Some shops, like e.g. Ikea, sell drawer dividers, but for my drawers the ones from Ikea were a bit too tall, thus I had to experiment with alternatives.
  • Finally, a more serious life hack. I have a small card with my emergency contacts placed in my wallet which I have with me almost at all times. However, it might also be a good idea to write down a blood type and known allergies to certain medications if you have any. Also, for kids, when we go somewhere where I know that there will be a lot of people, kids usually get either a small card with my and my husband’s phone numbers in their pockets or a bracelet with that info.

Those are 10 of my favorites. As I said before, if you have something to add, I would love to hear it.

By the way, you might want to check a list of my favourite cleaning hacks here.

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7 thoughts on “Time for some life hacks”

  1. I see where you have baking soda in helping get the shells off the eggs after you boil them. If you put a pinch in your beans while they’re cooking, it helps remove the enzyme that causes people to get gas from them.

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