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Time for some life hacks

There are numerous life hacks out there for all the different occasions. Some of them come in truly handy and become my favorites. Today I would like to share with you those life hacks or tricks which I find the most practical and useful to know. If there is something interesting you use that I didn’t mention, please take a moment and share it in the comment section below. Would love to learn some more! Thus, here we go – tried and loved life hacks from my “top 10 list”:

  • I found this one great: when you are trying to cross out words that you do to want to be legible anymore, don’t just strike them through, but write some random letters over them instead.

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My favorite household cleaning hacks

Usually I go through yet another list of life hacks with a bit of skepticism, because I am generally too lazy, for example, to make my own mix of baking soda, lemon and whatever else is required to get a simple cleaning product I can just buy. I don’t see the point of adding yet another difficulty level when I can use good professional stuff to solve the issue for me. Thus, the household cleaning hacks that ended up in my list are those that offer the truly easiest solution to the problem, not yet another alternative option. So here we go – 20 household cleaning hacks I found useful: Continue reading My favorite household cleaning hacks