Understanding people and what hard-boiled eggs have to do with it

I used to believe that I understood people; I was getting along with everyone pretty easy and, thus, boldly assumed that there is no problem of understanding in between me and others. I thought, that whatever it is, my knowledge of psychology and ability for empathy will allow me to understand. I was wrong.

For the first time I realized that I might not be so good in understanding people during my MBA year. I faced many situations where I thought something was so obvious and so indisputably basic and yet… Some people genuinely saw things differently.

What I realized back then was that being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is a good skill; however, it is not enough, as:

you cannot put on snickers, while you are still wearing high-heel shoes.

It’s just not going to work; as simple as that. Of course, it is anyway a significant step towards understanding, but still – not enough.

Understanding is not only listening, it is hearing; it is not only looking – it is seeing. Yet fundamentally, understanding comes from realizing that there might be another point of view.

At the end of my MBA year I thought I mastered understanding and I had that belief up until… somewhat last week…

Last week my husband was making hard-boiled eggs. He boiled water (!!!), punched the egg shells with a sharp knife and put them to boil, leaving me speechless at best! I mean – how can there be two different opinions on how to boil eggs?! That’s fundamental, right?! I am not talking about different dishes with eggs, this is purely about classic hard-boiled eggs. I personally always put them in cold water (like, how else could it be?!), get them to boil and then simmer them for 5 minutes afterwards. I thought that is the only possible way.

That egg-story was a very good reminder that learning to understand people is a skill always to be perfected and never to be considered perfect. And above all – a reminder that

there could always be another point of view.

P.S. So what according to you is the right way to boil eggs?

P.P.S. I cannot be wrong, can I? LOL

P.P.P.S. He still believes he is right… The poor thing LOL


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