Main obstacles on the way to achieving your dreams

To begin with, I truly believe that as Napoleon Hill said “whatever a mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. It might sound too easy, as if all you need is just a vivid imagination and there you go – effortless realization of everything. However, that is not what this phrase is all about.

Dreaming is difficult; dreaming efficiently is difficult to the power of hundred. The good thing though is that you can master the skill.

To begin with, there are three equally difficult phases on the way towards your dreams:


  1. conceiving a dream
  2. believing in a dream and
  3. achieving a dream

I have somewhat touched upon the first two in my previous articles on Life Plan and Protecting your wings.

For the sake of this article I assume that you already know what do you want and already believe you can get it. Thus, today I will talk about the third phase and more precisely about which obstacles you can face on the way towards achieving your dreams.

  1. Obviously, believing is not something you scratch off the list. You cannot ever stop believing in yourself and your dreams if you intend to achieve them! They need that positive energy of yours focused in the right direction. Therefore, obstacle number one is losing that belief, that faith in your dreams at any point in time.
  2. Obstacle number two is hope that somebody will have the answers for you. Of course, it makes perfect sense to ask for help and to ask for advice. However, you are the only one who already has all the right answers. If you wholeheartedly believe in something and somebody else tells you that this or that is stupid and not going to work… Well… It might make sense to think twice, but always remember, an opinion is just an opinion. An opinion is not a fact. And besides you might very well succeed against all odds.
  3. To succeed however, you have to keep on moving. Here is the next obstacle – frequently when we feel that we are already on the move we relax too much. We feel that there is a progress, improvement, small successes and we let go of the grip. Don’t. It will get bumpier along the way.
  4. Related to the previous one is the fourth obstacle – hoping to wake up successful. It can happen! Certainly. Nonetheless, if it doesn’t, persevere. A lot of people gave up right before reaching their most cherished dreams just because they hoped for a sudden success and they didn’t get it. Instead they faced challenges and… gave up right before they would have succeeded.
  5. The final one I would like to stress is failure to accept responsibility. When we follow our dreams it is our journey, where we need to own both our success and our failures. Accept them, learn from them and move on. Outside factors might play a role (and they will), yet there is barely a single one which cannot be beaten by perseverance, belief and incessant action.

Therefore, believe in yourself, keep on going, don’t get discouraged too fast and definitely focus on lessons rather than on negative thoughts and… you will succeed!

P.S. Speaking about negative thoughts, check out my video in the video section here where I talk about how to get rid of negative thinking.


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