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Why do I buy from small businesses (and you should too)?

The answer to the question in the title is very simple: I buy from small businesses because I know that every time I do, I am supporting somebody’s dream.

Think about it for a moment. Once upon a time there was that little girl, let’s call her – Mary, who liked to create beautiful clothes for her little dolls. She would take an old t-shirt from her father, cut it in small pieces and indulge in the magic of creation. A couple of days later her doll – Ann – would get a new layered dress and a matching jacket, and yes – don’t forget the ribbon for her gorgeous curly hair! Mary would dream that one day she will open her own fashion house and make clothes for all the little toys and all their little owners in the whole big world. Mary grew up to be an accountant, working long hours and even though succeeding in her career, still feeling as if her life is not what she wanted it to be.

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