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If you want to make perfect cheesecake – my NEW BOOK is what you need!

Usually I publish new blogposts on Mondays, but today is an exception due to the exceptional event. That exceptional event is my new book!

You might have heard it several times already — for quite a while I wanted to write a cookbook. And now… here it is!

Finished. Published. Available on iBooks, Amazon Kindle and in PDF version at Sellfy shop.

For a price of one latte at Starbucks you can literally master the art of making cheesecakes in all different ways and with various ingredients.

I mean it — this is a cookbook like you have never seen before. You can call it “cheesecake coaching” or the ultimate cheesecake making guide. This book does not list recipes, but actually teaches you to think outside the box and work your magic with what you have. Even the recipes described in here are not just a list of ingredients and cooking steps, but an actual explanation of why you need to do what you are doing, as well as ideas of how you can substitute ingredients. You will be guided through the whole process: from learning some of the easiest recipes to mastering the most sophisticated and non-traditional ones.Thus, if you have ever scrolled through cheesecake recipes and got frightened to even try, this book is definitely for you, as it will change your perspective big time! Continue reading If you want to make perfect cheesecake – my NEW BOOK is what you need!