Why achieving goals could screw up your life?

Did you ever feel disappointment after achieving a long desired goal? Like for example you were hoping to land that amazing job, but now feel totally exhausted, find yourself lacking time for anything and see no “light at the end of the tunnel”? Or — let’s even talk personal — you wanted to be in a relationship with a successful entrepreneur, but now are spending your evenings all alone as he (or she) is busy working on building his (her) business? Whatever it is, sometimes goals we achieve and dreams which come true turn out to be more of a curse than blessing for us. How come?

Being clear about what you want is essential. Setting clear and desirable goals is important. Persistent and consistent effort in achieving them is crucial. However, there is also another point to consider — the big picture…

The big picture in the context of goals is that interconnectedness of everything that happens in your life. You can set yourself a goal of opening your own candy store, for example, and with the right focused effort you will get there. No problem. I mean, there will be problems, lots of them, but you will get there. The true problem is that probably you will be overly busy with your candy store and will miss kids’ school play, or won’t be able to go on a month-long vacation like you used to.

Every change which affect one part of our lives, will have an impact on something else as well.

Every “yes” is a “no” to something else.

Therefore, a goal can rarely lead to no consequences…

So what can you do about it?

To begin with, you have to be crystal clear about your reasons for pursuing that goal in the first place. You need to understand why do you want to achieve what you want to achieve.

However, equally important exercise to be done even before you actually set your goals is to understand what are your values and which are things you cannot compromise on.

What is crucially important to you from what you already have in your life? What is it you don’t want to sacrifice?

Once you have that, you can evaluate how achieving your goals can impact that important part of your existing life. You can then decide which price you are willing to pay and which price is way too high for you. The question to ask yourself in connection with goals is also —

am I ready to get what I want tomorrow? How will that change my life? What am I not ready to change yet? How will I know that I am ready?

Asking yourself all those questions in advance might help you to actually follow through with your goals and to feel much happier when you get there, because you will be able to keep your life balance along the way.


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