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Who is making our choices?

One of these days I stumbled upon a website of one little girl who was selling toys in order to collect money to follow her dream. The dream, as stated on the website, was to study in a prestigious design school and become a famous fashion designer. I loved the idea, yet it made me think about whose idea that truly was. Continue reading Who is making our choices?


Unintended Consequences: Are we responsible for them?

Some consequences we are aiming for, some others we get by chance. I saw a post shared today about efficient ways how to get rid of moles in your garden. And then I looked over our perfectly done lawn and thought about unintended consequences. Since we bought our robotic lawn mower (which I already bragged about in My favorite stuff: Household items that simplify my life) moles don’t dare to dig in our garden. I don’t know if they are scared of the sound or of the vibration, but the point is – they don’t touch our lawn. From time to time you can see that they started digging in a corner, but a footstep later that trace just stops. It was not intended when we bought this lawn mower, but it is a nice unintended consequence.

However, the unintended consequences can also be negative. Continue reading Unintended Consequences: Are we responsible for them?