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Providing actionable information

We are drowning in information. It comes to us from all possible sides. However, only a little fraction of it is useful and even smaller – truly actionable.

One of these days I was driving to Antwerp and saw a traffic information board, providing:

  • Antwerp-West: 17 minutes

Well, thank you very much, but what the hell am I supposed to make out of it?! Continue reading Providing actionable information


Managing your time for success

I am sorry, I really wanted to prepare a presentation for today, but I had absolutely no time for it. My son needed to go to a doctor, my daughter had some sort of a school event to prepare for, my husband needed some help with his work stuff as well. I simply didn’t have time to make a presentation. But on the other hand, why would I even need a presentation if here is no screen to show it on anyway?! And here I already start talking about a fundamental question of time-management.

This was more or less the beginning of my speech on time-management last Saturday. Continue reading Managing your time for success

Achievements: is it about the right tools?

There is an amazing software which will improve productivity of your employees and of yourself hundred times. All you need is just buy it, install it and it will solve all your productivity problems. You will be on the way to surreal achievements! It is…

Continue reading Achievements: is it about the right tools?

“Smart drugs” to enhance performance: a way to go or a step too far?

We live in the world where productivity and efficiency are not just desired; they are expected. Furthermore, we seem to all be living the motto of the Olympic games: “Citius, Altius, Fortius”(“Faster, Higher, Stronger”). Yet how to meet these ever-growing expectations when our physical abilities are limited? We still require sleep; we cannot concentrate and perform non-stop for many hours in a row; we get sick from time to time. We are just humans after all. So… should we lower expectations or should we start using doping? Continue reading “Smart drugs” to enhance performance: a way to go or a step too far?

To write or not to write: why it is a good idea to write things down?

I am a big fan of writing. Not only in terms of writing lifestyle and psychology articles, culinary articles, my book on cheesecakes (you can check it out here), but also in terms of writing in general. I truly believe that this is a good skill and a necessary habit to have for everyone.

When I was a teen I was writing a diary. It was usually a thick notebook of 96 pages which in less than half a year I completed cover to cover. Back then it was a way to structure my thoughts and in a sense release myself of some of my worries. Nowadays I have two notebooks.

The first one Continue reading To write or not to write: why it is a good idea to write things down?